6406 State Rt. 13, Bellville, Ohio 44813

our Capabilities & Services

MCF Industries’ Ohio manufacturing facility offers skilled operations, such as turning & milling, splining, induction hardening & tempering, and cylindrical grinding.

Turning and Milling

MCF Industries has multiple 4-axis and 6-axis turning centers with live tooling and automatic bar feeders. Typical product diameters range from 0.625” to 1.5” and lengths from 4” to 36”. We have the capability to turn up to diameters of 10 inch and lengths of 48 inches. We have the ability to mill utilizing live tooling in the turning center and a vertical machining center.

Induction Hardening & Tempering

Our induction hardening and tempering processes are flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Case hardening dramatically improves the fatigue properties of materials in high torque applications and surface hardness in high-wear applications. MCF Industries employs both scan and single-shot induction hardening. We harden case from 0.050” to 0.300” deep on parts with diameters up to 2.5” and lengths up to 40”.


We have capabilities to roll and hob splines external splines and broach internal splines. MCF Industries has extensive experience producing involute splines and straight-sided splines.

Cylindrical Grinding

MCF Industries’ cylindrical grinding capabilities are used where tight tolerances and high concentricity requirements are needed to ensure satisfactory seal life and bearing fit. Our CNC grinders and automated material handling allow us to meet customers dimensional requirements and value needs. We typically grind shafts from 0.625″ to 1.5″ diameter and 3” to 36” length. We have the capability to grind up to a 6” diameter and a length of almost 40”.

Materials and Sourcing

We manufacture parts from: closed die forgings, open die forgings, steel castings, steel barstock, ductile metal barstock, ductile metal castings, and stainless steel tube.
Typical steel grades are 1018, 1040, 1045, 1541, 4130, and 4140. We have extensive knowledge with hardening these steels as well.
MCF Industries has long standing relationships with steel mills and warehouses to provide the most cost effective solution for your specific requirements. We also stock some grades and sizes.